Installing Arch Linux on Dell XPS 15

My latest laptop, a Dell XPS 15 9550, is a charm. For nearly one year I’m using it now, it never failed. Its screen is gorgeous, its autonomy allows me to write software while commuting in the morning and in the evening and yet there is still plenty of juice to go on for a 2-3 hour duty during the night.

I had a previous setup with Windows 10 and WSL that was quite flexible. But even then, it never felt like the real thing. So I tried to install Ubuntu some months ago but I got disappointed. Taming the 4K display was a challenge that I was unprepared for so I switched back to Windows 10 for 6 months.

Recently, I thought it was worth giving it a new try. But this time, I wanted to test another Linux distrib I had heard of: Arch Linux. When I looked at the install manual, it reminded me of the old time when I was working with Gentoo. When every change you wanted to implement on a machine was going to take you a fair amount of time. But nevertheless, I gave it a try. And now, I’m very pleased with the achieved result. Which is why I’ll share with you how I set up my XPS 15 with dual boot windows 10 and Arch Linux.

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